Portable Apple Watch Charger


The New Way To Charge!


  • MFI certified fast-charging — charges quickly and efficiently using cutting-edge wireless charging technology
  • Super compact size — the most portable charger around. Fits on your keychain, in your bag, and even in your pocket!
  • Fully compatible — works with all Apple Watch series
  • Completely cord-less — ZERO cords required. The first truly wireless charger, no-tangles, no-hassles.
  • Eminently portable — charges ANYWHERE, power bank, laptop, charging block, outlets, etc.

      Sunleny's charger takes away all of the cord-ination required in traveling with your Apple Watch. Our exclusive technology integrates the same premium MFI-certified wireless charging technology present in your original Apple Watch charger, into a much sleeker, elegant, and convenient gadget. 

        Our charger offers a sleek and compact build using a magnetic charging module which seats and charges your Apple Watch. The primary interface is a USB-friendly charging port which provides a truly cordless connection. The high-end build quality utilizes cutting-edge MFI technology to ensure safe and fast charging, without any overheating or damage to your Watch. The portable design ensures a light and handy experience all while maintaing a durable exterior and providing powerful wireless charging.

        MFI-Certified Charging 

        Safe and efficient to keep your Apple Watch powered when you need it the most.

        Fully Compatible

        Works with ALL Apple Watch Series.

        No Cords Attached

        Zero cords required. Hassle-free charging.

        Easy to Carry

        Convenient and compact design that allows for easy carry in your purse, pocket, and even attaches to your keychain!

        Charge Anywhere, Anytime

        Featuring a universal USB port for handy charging whenever you need it!


        Cutting-edge Technology

        Carefully Crafted Hardware With A Sleek Yet Durable Finish, And Premium Charging Technology.


        No Cord-Ination Required

        Attached to the back of the charger is a lanyard for anyone looking to clip their new charger onto their backpack or keychain. On the front, there is a rubber cover to prevent any debris build-up within the USB input. The cordless build of the charger, along with its portable design, make it the ideal travel charger for all things Apple Watch.


        Convenience Guaranteed

        Our chargerprovides a unique solution to the most common problem incurred with Apple Watches — charging on the go. Daily Apple Watch use requires frequent charging, and lugging around a bulky wire anytime you're away can be quite the hassle. Because to this, ysers commonly experience significant battery drainage or even forget to charge their watch often. Luckily, with Sunleny's charger, you have a charger you can literally hook onto your keychain, and use to charge anywhere, anytime! 


      • Build: Precision crafted ABS+PC
      • Interface: USB

      • Size: 82x37x13MM
      • Input: 2W MAX
      • Output: 2W MAX

      • Compatible with Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Apple Watch
      • 44mm / 42mm and 40mm / 38mm versions of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Hèrmes and all Apple Watch Editions

          Product Questions

          How long does it take for a full charge?

          Charge speed depends primarily on the device your charger is plugged into. However, the charge speed averages to be the same as an original Apple Watch charger — approx. 1.5 to 2 hours.

          Is the charger compatible with my watch?

          If you have an Apple Watch, the answer is yes. This charger is compatible with all Apple Watch series. Although it is rare, some watch cases may interfere with the connection and hinder charging.

          Is the charger MFI certified?


          Will this charger damage my Apple Watch?

          We have served thousands of customers with our product and have not once had a report of our product damaging customer devices. Our team uses this charger within their lives and throughout our offices, and we have never had such an occurrence. Our watch charger should not damage your device.

          Can I use this charger instead of my original Apple Watch charger?

          Definitely. We've had many customers purchase multiple Sunleny's chargers for friends, family, and even themselves, as they were tired of the hassle the Apple charger causes.

          Is there any cords/cables/wires involved?

          Zero. We provide a no cord-ination needed charging solution.


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