"You Are The Louise To My Thelma" & "You Are The Thelma To My Louise" Bracelet




Inspired by the trusting friendship between the much-loved pair act from Thelma & Louise (Scott, 1991), this cuff is made especially for you and your bestie, so hop on the ride and see the world with your Louise / Thelma!

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“Always loved this phrase! Hanna and I already have matching thermal tumblers that read ‘you are the Louise to my Thelmaââ‚?and ‘you are the Thelma to my Louiseââ‚? So glad that now we have new matching cuff bracelets >^<!!! And the hidden messages are so cute, we love the font. Perfect gifts! Would purchase again.”Ã?/span>
- Lavanya

“These cuffs look really beautiful. We LOVE the shape and the color. My best friend and I wore it to a house party, the dark and drunk type😂. These bracelets had luckily held on to us—didn’t fall off with all the jumping around. Test passed.👍”Ã?/span>
- Josephine 


  • An arrow can only be shot out by being pulled backwards, so when life drags you back, it’s actually launching you into something great.
  • An arrow pointing forward meets an arrow pointing backââ‚?& in the middle, is ME.
  • The cuff bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel, stronger and more durable, will never fade, tarnish, corrode, stain, or cause allergic responses. Nickel free, 100% in harmony with the wrist.
  • Measurements: Diameter 2.5" W/0.24", L/6.2". Adjustable openings designed to fit most wrists.     


  • 1 * Bracelet<You Are The Louise To My Thelma> or <You Are The Thelma To My Louise>


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